Legal Lead Generation Site Sees 4.15X Increase In Conversions In 4 Months

A hardcore Exposure Ninja SEO campaign for a client in one of the most competitive SEO markets in the UK saw a dramatic increase in ranking, which gave it a prime position to benefit from a surge in interest.

Explosive ranking, traffic, and lead increases in just 4 months

Find out how the Exposure Ninja SEO team built this site’s visibility to market leader in a record space of time.

This chart shows our client’s (blue line) overall visibility against the market leader (green line)

1. Background

This company came onboard after an article we had written for another client that featured them began ranking top of Google for a highly commercial phrase. The traffic that this article generated began bringing in enough leads to impress them, so they called the Ninjas.


2. Objective

We wanted to increase the ranking of the website, as the business had a very aggressive 12-month growth target. Knowing this was an extremely competitive market and that we were going up against some very well-established competitors with far bigger budgets, we knew we had our work cut out.


3. Strategy

The SEO team started with keyword research, identifying the phrases that were most likely to bring an increase in leads. Once we had these keywords, we started by optimising the website.

We then began writing blog posts, each targeting a specific type of legal claim. This type of blog posts steadily grow in ranking over the first year, bringing more traffic and conversions as they do.

Our Content Marketing team pitched in, getting some fantastic content published on financial and legal blogs, as well as news sites.

4. Results

As soon as the site was optimised, ranking began increasing. As the blogs and articles went live, this ranking increased further. Within 2 months of starting the campaign, the site’s visibility had increased significantly, enabling it to pick up a sizeable chunk of the traffic when renewed public interest caused an increase in searches.

Over the first four months of the SEO campaign, the site has seen an increase in traffic of 207%. The quality of this traffic has also increased, as conversions jumped 415% on the back of a 67% increase in conversion rate.

Within 4 months the site’s visibility had overtaken that of the top-ranked site in this niche, a large solicitors’ firm spending considerably more on SEO than our client (but wondering what they were doing wrong).





This chart shows the increase in leads (conversions) that the site saw since SEO started (blue line) compared to before SEO (orange line)


Whilst we love nothing more than showing such huge increases in ranking, traffic, and conversions in a short period of time, as you’ll see from our other case studies, SEO usually takes time. Any campaigns that see fast results like these result from a combination of a very engaged client willing to invest money and energy, and some seriously Ninja SEO work.